Thursday, August 30, 2012

Devaru Hoseda Premada Daara

Ever so often, when I am caught up with an  existential angst that seems to have taken precedence in my extended quarter life crisis(of course assuming I make it to100), I find myself listening to Devaru Hoseda Premada Daara from Muthina Haara. This masterpiece of a song takes me through a myriad of emotions every time I listen to it. It does not offer the answers I am seeking, however it offers comfort and a sense of belonging perhaps, reiterating the fact that we are all fellow passengers on this journey! Hamsalekha has done a wonderful job with the amazing lyrics whose mood changes as the season and of course with the orchestration that embellishes the emotions. Balamuralikrishna’s voice takes the song to a whole new level and overall just listening to this song feels like a new experience each time to me! This song is such an excellent example of how important both the music and the lyrics are to achieve brilliance! The lines that stand out to me are these: "beDayendare naavu suDade iruvude novu" and "bisilo, maLeyo, chiguro  himavo, aLuvo naguvo, solo geluvo, baduke payaNa, naDiye munde, olave namage neralu hinde". As the song ends with these lines, it leaves me comforted with a bit more optimism, hope and strength than before, and that is why to me this song is a masterpiece.