Thursday, May 2, 2013

Watchful World

Lurking, leering, jeering eyes
At all corners you're passing by
Hidden safely in a camouflage
Lo, behold! It is not a mirage

What you say and what you do
The world is playing peak-a-boo
Tracking, saving, noting, thinking
Showing it's face, wickedly winking

What to share and what to save?
A closed book be or one that bares?
The world is watching in a way surely queer
Do exercise caution but don't live in fear!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Carpe Diem

Is this the end of a beautiful dream?
Walking on to reality realm
The order of the day, carpe diem
For, the tunnel approaching fast it seem!

The greener pastures and tall grass
Pouting flowers, doing a chasse
To the playful wind's bass
All that she leaves behind, this lass

The tiniest flowers, notices she
The beauty in them is all she can see
Daintily steps absorbing the whole scene
Locking the precious' in a box of memories

Kisses she goodbye, to the butterflies
Winks at the sun, just waking up to rise
Changes are sometimes angels in disguise
From one home to another, she happily  sighs