Wednesday, April 20, 2011


There is something very comforting about the music from the black and white era. It is 1 AM and I feel less tormented than I have been in the last few nights, I seem to have found my antidote for today! I marvel the lyrics that are so meaningful are not just written to rhyme. I applaud the musicians for these evergreen tunes. I respect the singers, who sang seamlessly in continuous recording sessions, with no modern technological aids. I am writing particularly about Kannada music, because that I what I am listening to right now, but this would extend to any other language as well, I am sure.

As I write this, and listen to these songs, I also wonder how many Kannadigas of my age group themselves have heard lest enjoy these songs. I am no expert, I do not know the movie names or further details about many of the songs. But, I have grown up listening to them and certainly love and appreciate them. It is like most of the people I know who have grown up listening to old Hindi songs, except it was Kannada in my case. It would be nice to see comments on this post if you are a Kannadiga and you grew up listening to these songs as well :)