Thursday, June 7, 2007


Stood there I, paralyzed

Moved not an inch on either side

Open eyed, gripped with fear

In my mind those voices I hear

“Safe not my child, do not, my child

Not for a lad this”, said he

“You are my one, my only one

Leave not my side”, cried she

Walked into the jungle, unfazed, unabashed

Haughty and proud, to none there I bowed

Gleam and glint filled my eye

All this I will own, I did decide

Now they come back, those words unheeded

Helpless I stand, intimidated

Mortal I am, small I am, this

Nature around all powerful

My folly I realize, humbled I cry

Pray I to come out of here alive

Lessons learnt in the hard way some

A second chance I plead it to come.

I looked at him with intense hatred. He had betrayed me. All I wanted to do was hurt him deeper and deeper. He didn't deserve to live anymore.And.....oh my gosh, in my anger....i just killed him! He is really dead. DEAD!! I woke up with a start.Whatever did my dear friend do to me that I actually killed him in my dream!? And was the dream real or what. I was shivering. I was totally shaken by the ghastly dream. I need to get out, I decided. A long morning walk, some fresh air, the serene atmosphere of sankey would do me good I decided.
A blast of chill air welcomed me. I was already feeling better. Taking a deep breath in, I walked ahead, listening to music, looking at the beauty around. The world is normal , I thought. Normal is good, I thought. I was nearing the entrance of the park once again after finishing one round around the tank. I was energized to walk a lot more. As I walked around the corner, I saw people holding on to the railing and looking down into the water. Curiosity took over me and i too looked down. I saw a dead body. I was way too shocked. My heart skipped a beat. Rationality lost all meaning at that moment. Then regaining my senses, I realized that this was the body of an old lady. I switched off my walkman. I could hear people talking about her. I could bear it no longer. My feet felt heavy to walk around the park again and to witness the scene again. I could stay no longer. I felt pale. I walked away, numb, on the familiar route to the place where I would feel safe again...home.

Sunday, June 3, 2007


Oh, they are, well, all the same
Fun and frolic, very mundane
She seems to be of all who came
Then, pray, why isn’t she part of the game?

Her footsteps slow, eyes open wide
Arms across her chest, she walks out of sight
Seats herself at the very edge, lost
In thoughts ,all fiercely her own.

Watch her I from a safe distance
Irks my mind a certain unrest
Her soft hum fills my ear, I see
Her smile, oh it’s all so clear.

The world she sees, all her own
Not a part, but nature her whole
Belonged here, to the land and sky
Belonged she in solitude.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Odakalu Bimba

Shankar Nag has been one actor-director whom i have always held in high regard . He is one of the finest talents our country has seen. In his movies like Nodi Swami Navirodu Heege and Parameshi Prema Prasanga I have seen Arundathi Nag's acting. But never had i thought one day Ranga Shankara would give me an opportunity to watch her act on stage, live and up close! And it was indeed a pleasure to watch her do what she undoubtedly does best, act! The play is essentially a dialogue between a writer and her conscience. The panache in Nag's skills are proved by her matching the conscience in time so brilliantly;the conscience is a recorded version of Nag! Being the lone person on stage for an hour and acting is itself not a cakewalk. This particular play demands more than just that. The actor cannot afford to even pause a while longer than necessary, leave alone miss out on dialogues because all the cues are recorded and need perfect synchronization. That was the most stunning aspect of the entire play. Hmmm, does technology really make our lives any easier than it already is? Maybe it just tries to make us perfect!