Saturday, September 24, 2011


Beckoned me with it's beauty
Beauty all promising, seemed everlasting
It's scent too, all pervading
The rose seemed a gift from heaven

Too good to be true, it seemed faultless,
Blinded was I to even see the thorn
Seemed so blurred then, now so vivid
Seemed so harmless, now so hurting

Reached out to it in all earnest
Numbness all gone right after the prick
Stunned and hurt, so unexpected
From a beauty so pure.

Trust lost I cling on to faith
Yearn I to feel the rose again
For it is but my gift, my beauty
And it beckons still...

It's beauty worth more than the hurt
It's very presence, so comforting..
But once bitten and twice shy,
To reach out again, I can only try!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Phoenix

When twilight turns to night,
Pitch darkness all around in sight.
When the darkness fills the home,
the mind and also the soul
When the soul begins to weep
And knows not what to seek
When melancholy is more than a mere mood
Feelings ablaze, those really crude
and when this fire begins to burn,
encompassing mind, body and soul - in turn
and when the soul sheds its final tear
Then the ashes rid it of its every fear, because
When you see the remains of ash
A speck of flame steadily begins to lash
A flame that brings dawn to the vicinity
Yes, the very same of rebirth and purity!