Sunday, February 22, 2009


It is a feeling one encounters whenever a new phase begins, when we meet new people. It is a stronger feeling one encounters when these people judge you to be what you are actually not, when you have not changed one bit, but just their perception is entirely different. It is, yet again, just a phase. 

It is a sense of Deja-Vu!
I have surpassed these kinda blues
In an other time I cannot recall
I had risen from this pitfall.

Am I so bad being so me?
Or is it just me that is so bad?
Have I lived long in ignorance,
Of all I am, as seen to them!

Perceptions wild, they drive me crazy.
Signs I give, are they so hazy?
I am the same I have always been
All depends on the eyse with which I'm seen.

All my virtues , here, are vice
Also naive and not very wise
Quick and fast, the tongue lets loose
Words and actions, think not before I choose.

Care and share, it is also me
But, not where I cannot just be
Judged, misjudged and misunderstood
Will I ever be perceived here as good?

Reins of control, they spring to life
To tame a spirit that runs too wild
But wouldn't this drain the life itself?
The twinkle, the song and the smile itself!


Ranjita said...

this is mindblowing ash!!!! loved it!!!

moti said...

its good..!! i din knw u write so well..!!

Ashwin Ranade @21 said...

See... I told you that you should write again.... Is this a good time to say "I told you so"?? :) Bravo... very nicely written.

Vinay Prakash said...

hey this was amazing kane..!! really.. read all your posts.. loved each one.. why didnt u tell me before abu your blog..!!??

Karthik[:)] said...

tooooooooo frigggin good :) :) :)
Hats off AM ;)

Arvind Ramachander said...

Nice read..Well paragraphed..and neatly put!