Monday, June 7, 2010

A Midsummer Night's Melancholy

A midsummer night's melancholy
As blue as blue can be!
Longs for a time well in the past
And feigns to be not aghast

A year in time, passed too fast
A home made away from home
A girl, her dreams and her very soul
More confused than ever before

Longs and sighs for the ones she loves
Those days and nights - of blacks and whites
These grays, they loom, all day long
And lurch and lark, through the dark

These blues that she feels, as time reels
Subdues, she hopes, with other hues
Hues of hope and hues of dope
And hues of laughter and of cope


Karthik[:)] said...

Nice one :) :)
is it a self reflecting poem ????

Ashwini said...

Yes it is :) Very much...and thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Nice.. i liked it..
More confused than ever before!!!
why so??

Ashwini said...

Just haage, with the choices and everything.