Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Did Video really kill the Radio Star?

Every time I hear the song "Video killed the radio star", I wonder how much it applies today or at least in the last decade, when radio has been largely popularized by FM channels. It is actually surreal to think that it was about 7-8 years ago when FM started off in India. Radio City, the then only channel in Bangalore, was one of the main reasons I would even get up in the morning. My mom would come and switch on the radio in my room, and being pleasantly surprised by one of my favourite songs playing on the radio, I would wake up with a smile on my face. This would really set the mood for the entire day. In fact, it is this surprise element which I like most about radios. You have absolutely no idea what song will play next, and more than one of these songs are definitely bound to cheer you up. This small thrill is definitely not experienced when you play a song off your playlist :)

I have been a radio listener all my life and I have to thank my mom completely for this. I know as many kannada songs as I do, only thanks to the radio playing in our room all morning when we were kids. I have grown up listening to so many kannada songs and bhavageethes, which led way to English and Hindi music when FM started. I remember completing all my record work listening to Jonzee during sleepy afternoons. I remember work math problems, one after another, during my 2nd PU, listening to the music Barker played all night long. My fondest memories of radio are definitely from 2nd PU, when my parents cut the cable connection and I would listen to the radio day in and day out while studying. I remember phases that radio stations went through, first playing English and Hindi. Then playing only Hindi, and then only Kannada. And through that last phase, where they played only kannada songs, radio was my only source of getting to know new music. Working full days, coming back and apping left me no time to watch Tv and the radio shows I heard on my way to work and back were serving to complete the music quotient for my day. After all, music is the magic that moves my world :) :)

Thanks Sindhu for the Radio City link, that brought back a lot of memories and totally made my day :)


Deeps!! said...

I haven't been a avid radio listener.. but ya.. rohit barker definitely used to keep me up in the night.. and Rohit jaykaran during the day! Kudos to radio City!! :D

Nice Post!

Karthik[:)] said...

Most of us probably share the same history of studying and listening to the radio...The only RJ's that I remember are Rohit Barker and Santhosh Gnyanakan ( whatever the spelling is )....Havent been able to listen to radio in the office...will try it at home today evening :D
Thanks AM ( u definitely know what i mean :P )

Ashwini said...

Thanks Deeps :)
Thanks KJ :) And Santosh, is he the same as Saggy? :D

And yesh, you are so (p)funny, I totally get it....AM/FM :) ;)

Karthik[:)] said...

Yeah was talking about Saggy only.
And dont make me explain it in detail as to what I mean by AM :P :P

Ashwini said...

Baree ishte aithu! :D

Ok ok...sorry...yenu heLalla :P

Karthik[:)] said...

haage baa daarige ;P