Monday, October 4, 2010

When do we begin to lose it?

We are probably the worst creations ever made. We are born perfect - naive and nice. When it is while growing up is that we lose this innocence and let our head rule our heart. The reason for most our problems is this prized possession of ours - the brain. Whenever we need to make any decision, we need to make it with the heart and not with the brain. But the world that we live in is so immensely materialistic, that we have completely lost track of what is important and what is not. When was the last time you did anything just because you loved doing it, and not because you are supposed to do it, or because you are expected to do it, or because it is "good" for you. When was the last time you listened to your heart and not your head. I know it is impractical to let the heart rule over the head all the time, but I also know that we do not let this happen when it most needs to. Education is a farce, where scoring marks is considered more important than learning. Society is a farce, with all the double standards rooted in. People are a farce, full of pretense and laughing at the ones who do try to live truly. When the focus is only on the winning, by hook or by crook and not on the journey and on constantly bettering oneself, we automatically stop the learning process. People, compassion, humanity, and even plain being there for someone you care about has lost value. When is it exactly that our perceptions stop being our own and blend into the perceptions mankind has held for centuries? When exactly is it that we stop the questioning and just start accepting without reasoning, simply because it is much simpler an option. When exactly is it that we stop caring about what we really want and need and bother mostly about what others expect us to be. When exactly did we last think about why we are doing what we are doing, and realize that were doing it probably because everybody else is doing it. Where is it, in this mad world, that we need to draw the line? When is it that we will undo what we have done to ourselves. When will be let our emotions rule the roost when it needs to?

While I think about this near-idealism that I can only dream of achieving one fine day in the distant future, I do hope I make a conscious effort at the least, and I am reminded by the wise words of Baz Luhrmann

" Sometimes you are ahead,
Sometimes you are behind,
The race is long, and in the end,
It is only with yourself"


Arvind Ramachander said...

For a human, everything in the world programmable according to his/her needs.
Same way, the brain which is secret subroutine embedded in this human also gets subconsciously programmed to so many situations he/she experiences.

Knowing the importance of food, knowing the importance of a family, knowing the importance of an education all comes with experience.

If you haven't tasted the best of these, you never crave for these.

Human mentality offers resistance to change but on the other hand it is irresistible for heroisms, mob psychology etc - So many ppl are doing it, I should also do it --> That is why Leaders and initiative takers are so appreciated.

So when does this change of 'self to selfless happen' -> Only when people around them change or an individual who does a good job is well appreciated and supported.

All in all, the vector of the mind gains direction when there is enough magnitude of like minded thoughts around it!

Ashwini said...

I do not believe that if you crave for things only when you experience them. Just an exposure to certain things is enough to create a desire in us.

And it is true that the human mind does get carried away with appreciation, which instigates it to do more. But my only point is that, certain basic values must not be forgotten in due course. Although, I do agree, these values are different for different people.

Karthik[:)] said...

Agree with you ARR.
It is but natural that the mind goes in the same direction of like minded thoughts.
Not everything has lost value though, there are still many instances where all that you have listed out makes its presence felt.
Forgetting the basic values pertains to individuals, it never was a value if it is forgotten.

Ashwini said...

It is not that I am saying everything has lost value. I just think that it has been deteriorating over the years.

And it's AR!! :) ARR is Rahman ;)

Benkiman said...

Read through the multitude of scriptures written by the great seers for eons in our country. It is high time we all start now itself to really get an answer to all the questions you have posed. If we say that they are a waste of time, and no one has the enthusiasm to read through it, then the answers to these will never be got unless we find a teacher capable enough of giving us the answers.

indira said...

Isn't it a bit conservative to argue that values don't change at all?
Also, I think it's a little too simplistic to talk in terms of head and heart. All decisions are because of thought. A few things you arrive at by thinking intuitively and a few others by thinking logically. I think that distinction is important to realize that both are indeed rational. In one case, the reasons are more distinctly evident than the other.
In my opinion, we don't really lose anything. We just take to new way of thinking as and when we know more :)
Nicely written post. Keep it coming!

Ashwini said...

What you say is true Muthujeet. But problem yenu andre, such enthusiasm and frustration often appears in bouts and subside subsequently. It should somehow be channelized and given proper thought and time.

@Indira: Well, isn't that what I am saying too. I am saying that values have changed. What used to be valued earlier is no longer being valued.
And I really liked what you said about all decisions are because of thought. Infact, while writing this post, I got a call, and I dragged my friend into my thoughts and he had the same thing to say. That we only think with out head. We are either emotional or practical. And this is just a personal perspective. I give more weightage to my emotions and some to practicality. This will never reach a consensus I guess :)