Friday, November 12, 2010

Mind Speaks

Erred I a lot in the past
That too at a dear cost
Heart now back in place
No longer king, but just my slave.

Just one chance, he always pleaded
That time shall come, I never heeded
Took over me with a gallant stride
All I could do was go on with the ride

Triumphant he was, victorious
My words, they seemed notorious
Watched I silently, events each
Some day surely time would teach.

Erred I surely, by keeping mum
But lessons learnt in the hard way some
Lost the game, he humbly stepped back
No other go, now courage he lacked

Must go hand in hand, he and I
He will learn it as time goes by
Together, well, we will be happy
The future, I assure, will not be crappy