Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Writing Poetry

As I sat at our usual lab table, I saw a black Parker Pen lying at the desk. I have always enjoyed writing writing with Parker Pens; the sheer smoothness they provide is magical. But every Parker Pen I ever bought would end up getting stolen or I would lose it! So, after 5 or so trials, I decided I was definitely jinxed and I stopped buying Parkers. And today, after so many years I see a Parker and I could not resist to use it and write my name. Well, I have obsession to write my name many times. I write it in many fonts, languages...and alright, let me not digress.

So i open the cap of the pen, and this one turns out to be an Ink Pen!! Now, again, I have not written with an Ink Pen since my 10th standard preparatory exams. You see, I was told by everyone that it is better to write board exams with Ball Point Pens, because, God Forbid, what if the evaluator spilled coffee or juice or water on your answer sheet! Your fate is doomed!! Your entire life depends on your board results, after all!

So it so happens, I resist change. I had never used ball point pens much and I was stubborn to not use them. But it also happens that I worry. So I worried that I might be the one singled out unlucky girl whose exam papers might have coffee spilled on it. And yes, I worry like that. But again, I am not the one who makes life altering changes such as these without weighing her options well. So, yes, I actually spilled coffee and water on some of my old notes to see how badly they were distorted. Now, I would have settled for an Ink Pen, had the case been that I could even partially read what was written. But anyways, finally, the Ball Point Pen won and I haven't really written with Ink Pens since then.

And so, today, it was sheer joy to write with a Black Inked Parker Pen, a triple treat. And so, just writing my name, felt like writing poetry!


Anonymous said...

Nice... But I always felt HERO pen was better... :P

Viju said...

Loved this post!

Reminds me the times when switched to a water-proof gel pen that would probably resist the effect of coffee/juice being spilt by the evaluator :)

And yes, Parker pens are a delight to write with, especially if they are the ink pen types.

nasha said...

Nice post. Reminded me of my attachment to hero pens..and how long its been since i used one.
Thanks for reminding :)
Now to get my hands on one!