Wednesday, April 20, 2011


There is something very comforting about the music from the black and white era. It is 1 AM and I feel less tormented than I have been in the last few nights, I seem to have found my antidote for today! I marvel the lyrics that are so meaningful are not just written to rhyme. I applaud the musicians for these evergreen tunes. I respect the singers, who sang seamlessly in continuous recording sessions, with no modern technological aids. I am writing particularly about Kannada music, because that I what I am listening to right now, but this would extend to any other language as well, I am sure.

As I write this, and listen to these songs, I also wonder how many Kannadigas of my age group themselves have heard lest enjoy these songs. I am no expert, I do not know the movie names or further details about many of the songs. But, I have grown up listening to them and certainly love and appreciate them. It is like most of the people I know who have grown up listening to old Hindi songs, except it was Kannada in my case. It would be nice to see comments on this post if you are a Kannadiga and you grew up listening to these songs as well :)


Viju said...

Truly, the singers of yesteryears and the composers, who had a single long take to the songs and perfected it after so much practice deserve so much respect.
I've grown up listening to Dr. Rajkumar, Vishnuvardhan and Ravichandran songs set to tune by Rajan Nagendra, Shankar Ganesh, Hamsalekha, Ilayaraja and others.

Some of my favorite songs:
Ellelli Nodali, Ninnane Kaanuve..
Jenina Holeyo hAlina maLeyo..
Ganga Yamuna Sangama..
and all of Premaloka songs :-)

Nice, simple post!

Karthik[:)] said...

some of the kannada classics are really etched in the mind...too many to pin point....nice post though :)

indira said...

Me too! :)

Anonymous said...

nice one Ash.. very true what you've written..!!
Most of the credit for all those beautiful songs must go to one Mr.G Udayshankar. What an amazing lyricist he was..!! Each and every song of his is a gem..!! what meaning and what beautiful usage of words..!!

Soumya said...

Ash!! I did not know you write as well :)

Kannada songs I have no clue about, but the old hindi B&W stuff do it for me too..

Ashwini said...

Neither did I about you :) I should take out more time soon and read your other posts!