Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Phoenix

When twilight turns to night,
Pitch darkness all around in sight.
When the darkness fills the home,
the mind and also the soul
When the soul begins to weep
And knows not what to seek
When melancholy is more than a mere mood
Feelings ablaze, those really crude
and when this fire begins to burn,
encompassing mind, body and soul - in turn
and when the soul sheds its final tear
Then the ashes rid it of its every fear, because
When you see the remains of ash
A speck of flame steadily begins to lash
A flame that brings dawn to the vicinity
Yes, the very same of rebirth and purity!


Karthik[:)] said...

Brilliantly titled for a stitching of beautiful words

Soumya said...


Poetry always moves me and this has been one of the best ones :)

Ashwini said...

Thanks a lot, you both :)

designed to fly said...

reminds me of the song sound the bugle .

Madhu! said...

I wonder wat mood will u be in when u write something beautiful like this!