Thursday, January 19, 2012


Life is anything but permanent. In spite of which, all through life, there is a sort of permanence that I have been seeking. Repeated blows have not taught me anything. There are so many things that I have always wanted to do, but refrained just because it might not continue long enough as a continous activity. I did not resume my music lessons in my Final Year Engineering because I was sure I would come to the US. Although, I came to the US only a year after my engineering, and thus wasted 2 years of musical practise. Here too, wanted to join a theater group, but was undecided because I was not sure where I would get a job, and that I would need to quit this soon after joining. Things that have to end will end no matter what and I failed to realize that what is more important is the experience, the people I meet along the way and the varied things I learn in this process. After all, nothing is supposed to last forever. In the grand scheme of things, this probably makes perfect sense, but to us mere mortals, just accepting this without questioning, seems to be the best thing to do.

When something does happen in your life, there probably was a very good reason that it did. But when something ends, there probably is a better reason to it. Probably. Or maybe this is just a way of consolation! But this consolation does help when you realize that you walk this path alone.There are people who walk with you, offering help when you fall, or sometimes maybe push you to walk ahead. There are some who walk at different paces than you do, and you might lose sight of them now, only to catch up later. And there are those who walk with you, together, at every step, but then you might reach certain crossroads, where seperation becomes necessary. On this path, you are alone, meant to be alone. So, letting go of those who walk with you is necessary for their own good as well as yours. Sometimes the point of it all seems amiss. But when you keep walking, on and on, it is my hope that the reason we took this journey for, becomes apparent! For now, we just keep walking. Afterall, life is supposed to be lived forwards and understood backwards!


ChampagneSupernova said...

True.. After all, the future is always hazy.. There is always something out there that can turn our most meticulously laid out plan on it's head. So it makes so much sense to live each day to the hilt, to take a risk or two, to suck all the marrow out of life. You know what the say.. Today is a gift.. That's why it's called the present!! Carpe diem everyone!!

Ashwini said...

Carpe Diem indeed! :)

san said...

Even when we have to choose a crossroad I dont think anyone will be alone, we are bound to find new people on that road (old or new). We have to realise, accept, acknowledge and cherish that experience atleast until the new crossroad :)