Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Veena In Vienna

I am so high! So obviously high! So insanely high - or maybe this is true sanity - smiles and smiles and more smiles! I sing on in oblivion - pa da ga ma sa , sa da ri sa ni, pa da ga ma sa, ga ri ni sa! sa sa ga ri sa ni da pa da da ni sa ni, sa sa ga ri sa ni da ma ma da da ma pa! Veena In Vienna it is called. There is beauty in the name too. Reminds me of An Equal Music. A wondeful book set in Vienna. And my favourite instrument. Of course there is beauty in the name. I write in a trance! I pause now and then to hum my favourite parts. This could go on forever. This is magical. I am ecstatic. Have been. It is amazing how music has been the only thing consistently creating such magic for me. I feel it now. I may not though, the next time I am reading this post. But I feel it now, and this is my true love and I am glad :)

PS: This is the piece - :)

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Rorschach said...

what would we do without music! work and school has been damn tiring. but listening to a song, walking back from the train station to home on a clear windy night is a perfect relaxing ending to the day :)

Ashwini said...

Glad you like it too! :) Wanted to mail the track to you, actually! :) And yes, what Would we do without music! :)