Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Storm

The storm that late arrived,
Blowing on much too longer than desired!
The storm that had to but come,
Could perhaps have been a bit milder some!
This storm, from all directions wreck
Keeping the mind, its actions and thoughts at check!
The strong storm, offering no solace,
Obliterating you from the maddening race!
The storm, in the first place, I never wished to see,
Bringing some good out of all this, can it even be?
Oh callous storm, coming after an unnatural calm,
All I plead is, help rid this qualm and leave behind some kind of balm!


san said...

ella novigu iruvudonde balm...ZANDU BALM :)...nice poem again....

gmac said...

Nice outlet Ash! Glad you could express yourself so well.