Monday, November 10, 2014

Mama's Ode

Hey baby girl
Don't stare at me
Gleam in your eyes for the future you see
For your mama's heart breaks coz it ain't your fault
That by being a girl your dreams do halt!

Hey little girl
Does it smell fishy
To play with dolls, said he's not a sissy?
Yes, your mama's heart breaks that even little boys
Who play with dolls this world derides

Hey little lady
Did they touch a nerve
When they told your win you don't deserve?
Hell, your mama's heart breaks for I know you did great
It's not your looks that won your debate

Hey young lady
Did you hear again?
Scorns about weight, beauty, fashion - oh so vain
Hmm, your mama's heart breaks for I know so well
Of the absurd standards to which we are all compelled

Hey young lady
Wonder how we all this braced
And yet not feel always a bitter distaste?
We are strong, we mend our broken hearts
With hope, with little steps we do our part.

1 comment:

vinay v naik said...

Loved reading this poem Ashwini. You should pen your thoughts more often!