Thursday, May 31, 2007

One Rainy Day

It all started on a fateful Tuesday morning. Waiting for class to begin [which never did eventually], we ended up talking about [duh!!] shopping!! How we fantasized about our walk in closets filled with ultra mod fashionable clothes and our dressing tables with 3 mirrors and make up and jewelry. Who ever said you need booze to take you on a high?! So on this high that we were, we decided to schedule a shopping trip on Thursday, right after KR’s class.

It has been ages since I shopped so guess I was more excited than most others. Seriously!! So much that most of what happened in today’s class was an OHT as far as I am concerned. Class ended and finally we could leave. Yay!! Well, the fact that I ignored Ravi’s ingenious comment about how passionate I am about shopping and studies just shows how much I was looking forward to this!

So we set out on our much awaited shopping trip on 4 bikes and it seems like I just have to differ from the rest at all times. I took the easier route via Cauvery and then again the only proper route I know to MG Road. And it turns out I need to take a U turn, a forbidden U turn at that, to park my bike. Well, can Miss.Ash ever do things patiently? Yeah, you guessed right. The turn I did take, escaping Maama’s watchful eyes. But what ever made me think I could get lucky twice? Apparently, the second time around I was spotted and Maama even wrote down my vehicle number. I might get my very first driving ticket soon then. Hmmm, something I’m so looking forward to!

So again I was distanced from the lot and I drove on to Commercial Street, our dream destination. It turned out Fate had other plans for us…it started pouring cats and dogs at 2.30 on a hot May afternoon!! “Surprise surprise” cried the skies. I took the shorter route to Comm St, a direct consequence of being a totally law abiding citizen. I was drenched thoroughly, and sought shelter at some Bank near Comm St after parking my bike. Sigh!!I had to be the one on my own when the others were together in a group. Who knows? Maybe they stopped at some cozy cafĂ© on the way while I was stuck with strangers, all alone in this crazy world that punishes innocent girls for sticking by traffic rules!

So I decided to get in touch with my dear pals and tried calling them. And finally some calls later Viji picks up her cell. And here I learn that the pillion riders are abandoned by the more fortunate lot and the poor gals had to parade the busiest street of Bangalore before they could find an auto fellow willing to give them a ride. I gave them directions to come to “my shelter” and waited for them to arrive. I was talking on the phone talking to Viji when I could see ever hyper Miss.Rado’s arms frantically flinging out of the auto. They were trying to reach the place I was directing them to, little knowing that they already had! So now i had to try to get them to spot me. The crowd of strangers at “my shelter” suddenly seemed to be extremely interested in my conversation and when my friends finally did spot me, the little world around me was again a happy place! I left the refuge I had sought and after some crazy road crossing incident we ended up at another shelter. Everything that was happening seemed so crazy and bizarre and I was laughing so much.[ Big surprise, I know] .

We waited for the brainy trio who had left their cell phones with us to contact us, while we ourselves had nothing to do but wait for the rain to subside. It was unanimously decided that KFC would be our next destination, and we started off

to KFC. Funny things happen to us even then!! A man actually stopped Viji to ask her where she bought her Payals!! Apparently he had never found that design anywhere else. And I’m trying to cross torrents of flowing rain water, when a man rudely asks me to move to the side coz I was coming in way of the picture he was taking! Bangalore was once known to be a friendly place you know.

Another thing worthy of mention, hehe, I walked the entire stretch with my helmet on!

Now for once our plans seemed to work, thankfully! We had a nice time in KFC[Yeah, they actually did let us in]. The others joined us shortly. The only disappointment was not being able to shop after going so far. Not that we would mind shopping, but unfortunately the shop owners would. Still, we just couldn’t resist and we did browse through the stuff in Westside and Max. But our jeans were literally bogging us down and we had to end worthy tasks midway and head back home. The ride back was chill; we had actually stayed in wet clothes for 3 hours! Thankfully long hot baths awaited us at our homes, and in my case, mummy dearie made nice bajjis. Aaah, purrfect isn’t it! Funniest part is, even though we were unable to shop, none of us were really frustrated. Have we learnt taking things in our stride or what?J. Well, all is well that end’s well!

PS : Gals, fun it was;)


Ranjita said...

tat was a nice experience.. somethin which really needed to b jotted down and somethin which should not b forgotten.. the description is brilliant.. everythin seems to happen in front of the eyes of the reader..
the shoppin plan was wrecked by rain.. but u guys didn't allow the rail to spoil ur day.. u made the best of it.. tats a really great achievement!!!

Ashwini said...

truly, that was the best part! happiness is only a state of the mind. happiness in fact is a choice. We can, in any bad situation, choose to crib and be sullen and depressed or, like us, take things in our stride and have a great time.It is all in our hands!

Ashwini said...

And I did get that ticket btw...had to pay a fine :( sniff sniff

runaway kirik said...

i dont think boys will ever discover this kinda fun which only gals can find the craziest of situations... they get drenched they'l jus bitch bout over a smoke n go home :D

Ashwini said...

I swear! it's just too different, the eyes with which we see the world, and they!!