Saturday, June 2, 2007

Odakalu Bimba

Shankar Nag has been one actor-director whom i have always held in high regard . He is one of the finest talents our country has seen. In his movies like Nodi Swami Navirodu Heege and Parameshi Prema Prasanga I have seen Arundathi Nag's acting. But never had i thought one day Ranga Shankara would give me an opportunity to watch her act on stage, live and up close! And it was indeed a pleasure to watch her do what she undoubtedly does best, act! The play is essentially a dialogue between a writer and her conscience. The panache in Nag's skills are proved by her matching the conscience in time so brilliantly;the conscience is a recorded version of Nag! Being the lone person on stage for an hour and acting is itself not a cakewalk. This particular play demands more than just that. The actor cannot afford to even pause a while longer than necessary, leave alone miss out on dialogues because all the cues are recorded and need perfect synchronization. That was the most stunning aspect of the entire play. Hmmm, does technology really make our lives any easier than it already is? Maybe it just tries to make us perfect!

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