Saturday, June 13, 2009

Superfluous boredom, why you chasing me?
Why do I feel, alone I want to be!

Time, so fast, running out of hand.
Before I will move on, to another land.

No want to feel, what I am leaving behind.
No want to feel, what is in store ahead.

No want to let thoughts scare me now.
Or wonder, manage will I and how?

Plans might change, in the blink of an eye.
The future, though, is nearing my sight.

This wait cannot not affect me.
Though I know patient I must be.

Doubts and risks, fill the path.
Answers I need, I need them fast!

Yesterday's tomorrow is but today.
Soon will arrive, my awaited D-Day.

My doubts, then, will be put to rest.
All that will happen, will happen for the best!


Kailash said...

Hey, I'm sure you'll like the change .. there is so much fun in the change you know .. everything will be new, you will get to learn so much. You will be amazed at yourself, at how fast you can adapt. As you say all will happen for the best. So stay calm and enjoy the present.

Nanjundamurthy said...

I feel the change which brings upon new experiences in life must be eagerly welcomed :-) Enjoy life to the fullest ashwini... you do write well rajakumari :-)

Ashwini said...

Well, yes, agree to both of you. The only reason this poem came into being, is because, I am waiting for some news, to decide - UK or US. And thats what I meant by answers I need soon. And also a lot of other general thoughts that come up during this period.