Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pallavi Anupallavi

If there has been one movie that I have wanted to watch, for years, this movie had to be it. The tune that I have loved even before IDEA Cellular used it and popularized it. The Bangalore I loved even before I was born. The movie that marked the debut of Mani Ratnam and Anil Kapoor. The movie that had music by Ilayaraja that stole my heart completely. The movie that I had tried long and hard to find, with no avail. The movie that I knew would take me to another place, without even having watched it. Pallavi Anupallavi.

It must have been the potent combination of Ilayaraja and Mani Ratnam, and the pride that Mani Ratnam made his first movie in Kannada, that I really wished to watch this movie. And when I did finish watching the movie earlier tonight, I felt content. I had no expectations nor do I offer to shred the movie into pieces and review it. All that I wanted was the viewing experience and I am glad I got that. An interesting plot. An uncomplicated era with it's own complications. Green, unpolluted, unpopulated Bangalore. Houses and roads and Lakeview and MG and LalBagh. Simple Love. Noble Deeds. Selflessness. Beautiful times. The 80's and the 90's. The India of those ages. Bangalore of those ages. Makes we want to relive that time once again!


Guru said...

Nice one Ashwini...Rightly said "An uncomplicated era with it's own complications".
A movie made a way ahead of its time ,people just couldn't digest the unconventional climax .One of my favorite movies.. Please do watch Mouna Raagam ,one more classic from Rathnam:)

Ashwini said...

Yes, I haven't written much about the movie itself, but the delicate handling of the sensitive subject is brilliant. What is commendable is the subtleness with which the matter is handled. There is absolutely no overplay or drama, very realistic!!
Yep, Mouna Raagam is next on my list :)

Karthik[:)] said...

Nice writing ashwini :-)
Believe it or not i havent yet seen the movie ( hv been planning to watch it from a long time ) after reading this will definitely watch it asap :D

Ashwini said...

Thanks KJ :)

Call me when you wanna watch it...I will watch it again with's a really nice ahead of its times!