Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I was washing my hand, when I saw a girl behind me, in the mirror. My eyes shifted to take notice of her, just as naturally as it always does when you see something new in the scene. My good manners told me that it is rude to be caught staring and turned away. As I was turning, I noticed her cane. Although my brain could arrive at the most logical conclusion soon enough, I still looked away, not wanting to stare at her. And that moment, I wondered. Wondered if blind people can feel people staring at them? Wondered why I could not even get myself to look at her even though I knew she possibly would not know I was looking at her. Wondered how it really would feel to not be able to see while the rest of the world can see you, even stare and gape!! Wondered why this unfair world has deprived some people of seeing the beautiful creations of nature! Some questions, I believe, really have no answers!


Karthik[:)] said...

Its true that some questions have no answers...u never know..there maybe answers but we will never hav the time or the patience to find out ;-)

Ashwini said...

They say life has to be lived forward and understood backward...I think that is when we find answers to all unanswered questions, if you do!