Sunday, October 23, 2011


And the pictures lifeless,
The smile distant
The frozen moment lost
All in the bygone past

Still, the feelings strong,
Where I belong
Beckons with a pang
As my heart dolefully sang


Soumya said...

Life is not smooth and straight
Its not always the green grass
We just need to hope and believe
That this too shall pass

Smile :)

Ashwini said...

Awwww :) Thanks so much babe! :)

Karthik[:)] said...

Have faith, its JUST a matter of time when there will be heart warming moments bringing back the distant smiles :) :)

Ashwini said...

Faith never leaves me, part of being an optimist I guess :)

Ashwini said...

Memories from home?
these poems of yours tease quite a bit when it veils a very thoughtful mind that penned it. But the perspective is such that I can associate those words to events in my own life or at times my own state of mind...
I truly like this one :)

- Rakesh's comment thru email