Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Soft Smiles

Warm golden sunlight,
Strong brewed malt
Sound of silence
And soft smiles

Mild summer breeze
Salty air through hair
Sea engulfing sun
And soft smiles

An arm around her
Her head on his shoulder
She leans in closer,
And soft smiles

Perfect conversations
In wordless silence
In slowing time
And soft smiles


san said...

Very Romantic :)

Karthik[:)] said...

Nice change from the run of the mill kinda stuff

iHarsha said...

oooooooh , nice one . :)

VVV said...

hey this is the same poem we saw that on that book we read right ??

Ashwini said...

No Vikki, it is the poem you will be reading in my book Bharath publishes in the future ;)

Goosaja said...

smiles blossom in my garden, i dare not to disturb them. let the smiles bloom into full glory and kudos to the spectacular soul which painted this poem....

Last word of Motto of Indian Navy said...

And you say this was deja vu? What's cooking then?

Ashwini said...

Goosaja: Thanks a lot! :)

@Varun: Just feeling happy and content today Varun :)

Fawkes said...

aha!!! sakath ash!! :):) its so BEAAUUTIIFUL!!!

Ashwini said...

Thanks Ranj! :)