Friday, October 19, 2012

Soft Smiles Music Video

I remember it was pretty bad day. A long, tiring bad day. I was exhausted and irritated, ready to call it quits for the day and go to bed early. Then Ragav messaged me saying; "Remember the poem you had shown me long back?? I'm recording it". I thought; "Wow! That's an incredible surprise". He said that it was almost ready and he was sending it over to see if I liked what he had done. Tired as I was, I was now too excited to sleep and waited up to listen to my poem as an actual original composition. I heard it and I absolutely loved it. It reflected the mood my poem was painting so accurately!!! Dharav and Ragav, unknowingly, really made my day. How ironical, considering that it was during one such series of terribly long,overworked, tiring bad days that I had wistfully written Soft Smiles.

After that long journey since the birth of the poem, the audio recording, the subsequent video recording, and after surviving multiple rounds of ruthless editing, finally proudly presenting now, the music video for Soft Smiles :)

Music: Ragav Venkatesan
Singer: Dharav Shah
Videography: Sriloy Dey and Ashwin Verleker

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Sri!!! said...

Good one. Although in the video no one looks overworked or tired.

Congrats to all you guys.

Ashwin P. Verleker said...

My first ever video shoot. Really happy with the outcome and the subsequent response. Looking forward to many more videos with u guys!!! :) :)