Thursday, June 7, 2007


Stood there I, paralyzed

Moved not an inch on either side

Open eyed, gripped with fear

In my mind those voices I hear

“Safe not my child, do not, my child

Not for a lad this”, said he

“You are my one, my only one

Leave not my side”, cried she

Walked into the jungle, unfazed, unabashed

Haughty and proud, to none there I bowed

Gleam and glint filled my eye

All this I will own, I did decide

Now they come back, those words unheeded

Helpless I stand, intimidated

Mortal I am, small I am, this

Nature around all powerful

My folly I realize, humbled I cry

Pray I to come out of here alive

Lessons learnt in the hard way some

A second chance I plead it to come.


indira said...

Hello lady!

Should say you hv an impressive blog :) Nice reading it was!

Ashwini said...

Thanks a lot :)

shreyas said...

shameless blog more often man..
let me read the rest...

Karthik Rao said...

nice one..these odes remind me of wordsworth style :) ..
post more...