Thursday, June 7, 2007

I looked at him with intense hatred. He had betrayed me. All I wanted to do was hurt him deeper and deeper. He didn't deserve to live anymore.And.....oh my gosh, in my anger....i just killed him! He is really dead. DEAD!! I woke up with a start.Whatever did my dear friend do to me that I actually killed him in my dream!? And was the dream real or what. I was shivering. I was totally shaken by the ghastly dream. I need to get out, I decided. A long morning walk, some fresh air, the serene atmosphere of sankey would do me good I decided.
A blast of chill air welcomed me. I was already feeling better. Taking a deep breath in, I walked ahead, listening to music, looking at the beauty around. The world is normal , I thought. Normal is good, I thought. I was nearing the entrance of the park once again after finishing one round around the tank. I was energized to walk a lot more. As I walked around the corner, I saw people holding on to the railing and looking down into the water. Curiosity took over me and i too looked down. I saw a dead body. I was way too shocked. My heart skipped a beat. Rationality lost all meaning at that moment. Then regaining my senses, I realized that this was the body of an old lady. I switched off my walkman. I could hear people talking about her. I could bear it no longer. My feet felt heavy to walk around the park again and to witness the scene again. I could stay no longer. I felt pale. I walked away, numb, on the familiar route to the place where I would feel safe again...home.

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